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Bellinger Rougher/Taper Beveller

Bellinger Rougher/Taper Beveller (Hand Planer's Friend)


Price: $2,995.00

.."using my Hand Planer's Friend has made me a better rodmaker".. DB

Our Hand Planer's Friend is both a roughing machine and a tapering machine that will quickly and accurately size your strips for final planing. As a roughing machine, sawn or split strips are roughed as you would with our "Little Giant" Rougher to rough dimension your strips to within a few thousandths of your taget dimension. With the tapering bed, you can take your rough dimension strips and taper them throughout their length for finishing on your planing form.

You will not believe how much time you can save hand planing a rods worth of strips when most of the material has been removed using your "Hand Planer's Friend".

  • Comes complete with roughing bed, tapering bed, and two tapering templates
  • Powered by 2+ HP Router
  • Adjustable tapering bed with dial indicator maintains accuracy
  • Ships via UPS or FedEx
  • Due to the weight & dimensions of the HPF, please email or call us at 541-905-0130 and we'll calculate the s/h/i (shipping/handling/insurance) to your specific address. 

$ 2,995.00 + Shipping, handling & insurance

Overall size 65" (l) x 16" (h) x 15" (w)
Motor  variable speed 2+HP 115 V
Weight 135 lbs.
Cutters Custom 60 degree long life reversible carbide
Shipping Via FEDEX or UPS – Contact us for details
Bonus Your Hand Planers's Friend Purchase will automatically qualify you for the rodmakers discount price on reel seats & ferrules.