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CURRENTLY VERY LOW (OR OUT OF) MOST REELSEATS (particularly hardware). Please feel free to email us at info@genuinebellinger.com to check availability or check back on website in approximately 3 weeks.
Thanks for your patience!

Genuine Bellinger Bamboo Fly Rods

"...just got the bamboo rod that you made for me - it is truly elegant!..."
- A.H.


Those with a deep appreciation for fine tackle will find great enjoyment in owning and fishing a genuine Bellinger bamboo fly rod. Expertly crafted with uncompromising skill and great attention to detail Bellinger bamboo fly rods are esthetically pleasing and wonderful to fish.

Whether for making delicate presentations or swinging wet flies, our bamboo fly rods are suitable for most any fly fishing situation. Our progressive, medium action taper is smooth and responsive and best exemplifies the traditional feel of bamboo. Full flexing, stiff, but not to stiff at the grip, with an even distribution of power over it's length, culminating in a tip that is both supple and resilient; our Bellinger bamboo fly rods will seem to come to life in the casters hand.

The esthetic quality found with any of our bamboo fly rods can only come about through years of experience and a discerning eye for quality. Each is expertly crafted from only the finest materials and finished to the highest degree. Flame tempered to a pleasing brown tone, hand varnished, wrapped and tipped in silk, nickel silver fittings, agate stripping guide, finely tuned grip and a beautiful Bellinger reel seat are but a few of the details. Please continue on for more information about our bamboo fly rods.

Bellinger Classic Bamboo Fly Rod


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Modestly appointed and beautifully finished in the tradition of the craft's finest makers our Classic fly rods feature: Flame tempered medium tone... More

Bellinger Signature Bamboo Fly Rod


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Our Signature rods are truly one of a kind. They are known for their high quality, premium reel seats, custom finish work and... More

Bellinger Presentation Bamboo Fly Rod


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Our Presentation rods are the ultimate artistic expression of the rodmakers craft. The culmination of our years of experience as rodmakers and... More