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CURRENTLY VERY LOW (OR OUT OF) MOST REELSEATS (particularly hardware). Please feel free to email us at info@genuinebellinger.com to check availability or check back on website in approximately 3 weeks.
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Up locking Threaded Barrel Nickel Silver - .640" - hardware only set


Price: $55.00

A new addition to our reelseat line-up. This nickel silver set is only .640" OD and takes a round barrel insert.  The pocket is machined for an elegant neo-classic look that is a definite upgrade over OEM shop hardware. Comes complete with butt, threaded barrel, threaded nut, slide band with machined pocket and cork hood.  The machined pocket is ideal for reels with large feet.

Bellinger fine straight knurling

Eased inside edges at reel contact points

Image shown is with OPTIONAL TARGET LINES

Available in dark nickel plating