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Little Giant Rougher

"Little Giant" Rougher


Price: $1,695.00

.."I tried your new "Little Giant Rougher" this weekend.  It’s really a great rougher. I’m going to use it for my rodmaking classes”.. GM

The "Little Giant Rougher" is a single pass, router powered, roughing machine designed to convert your hand-split or sawn rectangular shaped strips into equilateral triangles with far better results than can be achieved with any other style roughing machine.

Small in stature and easy to store, the "Little Giant Rougher" can rough dimension a rod's worth of strips safely and accurately in just a matter of minutes.  The adjustable roughing bed allows for fine control that helps you dial in your target dimension as you cut the triangle from the heart of your strip.  The strip in-feed guide makes feeding even the smallest diameter strips easy.  Long-life, custom made, (60 degree when available) cutters designed for the sole purpose of cutting bamboo, ensure longevity and consistent results. The perfect addition to a growing rod shop.  CURRENTLY AVAILABLE!!! - Estimated shipping time approx. 1-2 wks from order!



$ 1,695.00 + Shipping, handling & insurance

Overall size 16 (w) x 14 (h) x 28 (l)
Motor A Router
Weight 65 lbs.
Cutters Custom 60 degree long life reversible carbide
Shipping Via FEDEX
Bonus $ 500 Trade in allowance on Hand Planers Friend or Bellinger bamboo gang saw