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  • Planing Form

Genuine Bellinger Planing Form


Price: $795.00

“….the guy that showed me how to make rods said I should get a set of Bellinger forms ‘cause they’re the best, he was right” MH

Bellinger planing forms are a great value and have long set the standard for top-quality planing forms among bamboo rodmakers. Made to exacting tolerances, our steel forms come ready to use and require no further preperation. Push/Pull adjustment stations make setting your form simple. These two-sided forms have a shallow groove cut on one side for tip sections, and a deeper groove on the second side for butt sections. With a Bellinger planing form, rods can be made with virtually any number of lengths, tapers, and line weights.

  • Precision ground planing surface
  • Push/pull adjustment screws on 5" centers
  • Tip side will acommodate a tip dimension as small as .030"
  • Forms measure 72" long x 1 1/4" x 1 1/2"
  • 60 degree groove cut on a .001":1" slope

Our swelled-butt planing forms are made to the same tolerances as our standard taper planing forms but undergo an additional machining step ($40 additional charge) which increases the slope of the 60-degree tapered groove by .040". This dramatic change in the depth of the tapered groove can be expanded using the adjustment screws to execute tapers for even the most extreme swelled-butt rods. The location of the swell will not interfere with the forms ability to cut straight tapers.


$ 795.00 + Shipping, handling & insurance

Size 1½" (w) x 1½" (h) x 72" (l)
Slope .001": 1O
Side one first station tip depth .015"
Side two first station butt depth .045"
Groove 60 degree TH hexagonal
Stations 14 on 5 inch centers
Adjustment Opposing push/ pull screws
Taper Straight taper or .025" swelled butt for additional $40 charge
Weight 60 lbs.
Shipping Via FEDEX