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After 20 years, Alice & I are retiring from owning & managing Genuine Bellinger, INC & Bellinger Reel Seats. Mike McFarland of McFarland Rod Company will take over ownership & management and will relocate the business to his hometown of Bellwood, PA. During this transition period, customers may continue to order a limited number of items through this website:
- Planing forms
- Depth Gauges
- Depth Gauge Standards
- Nickel silver ferrules & winding checks
- Pearsall's silk & binding thread

Once Mike has what he needs set up & in place, customers will be directed to the new Bellinger website & ordering platform. Until then, we ask for your patience & continued support.

You may contact Mike at mike@mcfarlandrods.com if you have any questions &/or you may also still email thru this website or to info@geniunebellinger.com

We'd like to thank our customers & friends for a great 20 years. Bellinger customers are the best & we've appreciated the opportunity to work with you.
– Alice & Chet Croco

WE ARE CURRENTLY VERY LOW (OR OUT OF) MOST REELSEATS (particularly hardware). Please feel free to email us at info@genuinebellinger.com to check availability or check back on website in approximately 3 weeks. 
Thanks for your patience!

Bellinger Depth Gauge - true read dial indicator and custom brass base


Price: $170.00

Another top-quality tool that is a must have for rodmakers.  This is a top quality, no lug back, one inch travel,  true read AGD II dial indicator.  We really recommend this depth gauge. No more squinting to read the fine print numbers that share a position with another set of numbers or having to do "dial" math in your head while setting tapers!  We have married it up with one of our custom made brass bases and our 3/8" sixty degree stainless steel point for an outstanding rodmaking tool. Together they work great and they look even better sitting on your bench.   

Don't forget your depth gauge standard! Set the point of your Bellinger depth gauge in the precision hole we have machined in our beautiful brass standard, move the dial to the proper setting and now you're set.