Bamboo Rods


 MG 3326Bellinger is teaching Bamboo blank making classes.

Over the course of 4 days you will receive one-on-one, individualized, hands-on instruction on the fundamentals of making your own 2-piece, 2-tip bamboo fly rod blank using Bellingers’ full line up of bamboo rodmaking machines, tools and equipment.

The tuition cost for this 4-day class is $1,995 per student. We usually work with one student per class but we will accomodate two upon request. As a bonus and incentive, you’ll receive discounts on any Bellinger equipment purchased within 1 year of taking the class and qualify for special discounts on reel seats & ferrules.

Among the many topics that will be covered are:

• Culm selection
• Flame tempering
• Strip layout and stagger
• Node preparation
• Tapers
• Sawing strips
• Roughing, beveling and tapering under power
• Setting your planing form
• Hand planing fundamentals
• Gluing and binding
• Blank clean up and straightening

Class Schedule – Instruction usually begins Tuesday and ends some time Friday. Because we primarily offer private instruction, we will work around your schedule as much as possible.

Contact us to Schedule! Email (preferred):