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Up Locking Threaded Barrel 720 Hardware Only
Up Locking Threaded Barrel Nickel Silver - .720" - hardware only set


Up Locking Threaded Barrel 720 Hardware Only. Excellent   for larger rods.  Comes complete with mortised threaded barrel, butt cap, threaded nut,...

Up locking Nickel Silver Spey .810" - hardware only set


A classic nickel silver, Spey 810 hardware only set.  Comes complete with threaded barrel, threaded nut, slide band, cork check and cork hood. ...

Cork Fighting Butt Assembly to fit .720" up locking threaded barrel reel seat


Order our cork fighting butt assembly to go with your up locking threaded barrel 720 seat. Easy to convert ULTB 720 hardware to create a detachable...

Super Swiss Ferrules
Nickel Silver Super Swiss Ferrules

CODE: Ferr2

Adds that “classic” look to your rod. Featuring a knurled welt on the female ferrule that perfectly matches the "dime side" fine knurling...

Nickel Silver Step Down Ferrules


Sometimes you just have to go with a step-down ferrule.  Stay consistent and maintain that “classic” look to your rod. These...

Truncated Ferrules
Nickel Silver Truncated Ferrules

CODE: FerrT2

Adds that “classic” look to your rod. Featuring a knurled welt on the female ferrule that matches perfectly the knurling on the Bellinger...

Pearsall's Silk Thread
Pearsall's Silk Thread - Spool


Pearsall’s pure silk is specially formulated from Chinese Bombyx raw silk that is scoured and hand dyed to meet the demands of the most discriminating...

Bamboo Rod Glue Binder
Bellinger Bamboo Rod Glue Binder


..“do I like my Bellinger glue binder?, I guess I do, so far I've only used it to glue-up about 1500 sections or there about” .. DW...

Down Locking Threaded Barrel 690 Hardware Only
Down Locking Threaded Barrel Nickel Silver - .680" - die formed pocket hardware only set


Down Locking Threaded Barrel 680 with our classic style, "old school" die-formed pocketed end cap and slide band.  This is a perfect set for those...

Up Locking Threaded Barrel Nickel Silver - .680" die-formed hardware only set


Our up locking threaded barrel 680 hardware set with an "old school"  die-formed pocket slide band instead of a machined pocket slide...

Up Locking Sliding Band 660 Deluxe Cork Core
Up Locking Sliding Band Nickel Silver - .660" - stabilized wood sleeve with cork core


One of our more unique uplocking sliding band reel seats is this design which features a stabilized wood sleeve with a cork filler and...